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Catering Wipes Help Coffee Shop Shine

Uniwipe Catering wipes have been soaring in popularity over the last few months. In our previous post, we discussed the perils of cross-contamination. Businesses up and down the Uk are looking for ways to improve their cleaning practices and reduce customer complaints.

One coffee shop that has been regularly using Uniwipe catering wipes recently got in touch with their main benefits since switching.

Switching to Uniwipe

1- Cleaning things you usually wouldn’t– “We find when using the wipes we clean things we usually wouldn’t pipes from the milk frother,  underneath the counters, on top of cupboards. There is something about using a wipe that makes you clean like crazy.

2- Our staff are happier- “The staff no longer bicker over dirty cloths and feel much more professional using the wipes in front of customers.“

3-We save so much time– “The staff clean more effectively throughout the shift that we save so much time on an evening cleaning down. It feels cleaner even during a busy shift. The wipes are so handy and quick to use“

We know how important it is to set a solid cleaning regime for staff members. Uniwipe Catering wipes are designed to bridge the gap in hospitality cleaning. We recognise that cleaning has to be about speed and efficiency.

If you would like to try a sample of our catering wipes for your establishment order one today here.

Or you can contact us for more information or call +44(0) 333 241 9220

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